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Oh my God, both my ears just cleared AT THE SAME TIME. I think I may finally be turning the corner with the respiratory infection.

Which is a good thing, since I just got home from spending four and a half hours in the emergency room to get the pinkie finger I sliced in the mandoline looked at.

When I was finally granted my audience with the great and powerful Oz, he told me, "Oh, you should have come in last night for stitches in that thing. We can't do anything for you now."

Me: Is it okay that the...insides of the finger are sticking out like that?

The Great and Powerful Oz: Oh yeah, that's just the fat and tissue swelling up out of the skin.

Me: (ulp)

TGAPO: Be sure to scrub it two to four times a day--really get in there and get all that crust out. Use a nail brush if you have to, to get all the way in there.

Me: That's gonna hurt like hell.

TGAPO: (cheerful) Yep! I imagine it will.

But at least he hooked me up with some Darvocet. And the football player with the split chin across the hall was a big ol' baby about his stitches. The projectile vomiting guy, he wasn't much fun to be around. There was only one screaming child--excellent, considering the number of children there.

So I did what any reasonable adult would do on the way home--I stopped at Gangland H.E.B. and got some Cap'n Crunch. Yes, with crunchberries. Did you even need to ask?
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