Thursday's Child (lauri8) wrote,
Thursday's Child

People I know are hurting right now. Is it fair to write about them from my point of view, which is (by definition and by default) from the outside? My experience is one of mere proximity and helpless frustration. They're the ones going through hell. Is it selfish to write about them simply because I witness what they go through?

This is what keeps me from writing much lately. Anywhere, not just here. I'm too busy thinking about whether I have a right to write. But I have been able to carry on casual conversations about baseball, football, tennis--the beauty of sports is that the stories they tell are about us and our desires, but in an idealized, remote form. There is more beauty there, in Andy Roddick's serve, in the upset by the underdog, in the desperate heroics of a pennant race, in a ball curving foul, tumbling just inside the goal post, barely skimming the sideline, dropping, flying, spinning--

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