Thursday's Child (lauri8) wrote,
Thursday's Child

Better now. I waffled, but ended up going to the YMCA with Jeff, where young Christian men and many other sorts of people were bustling about like hamsters in a HabiTrail.

Then I went to the store, got some good food, and made a lovely salad with mesclun, vinaigrette, and warm goat cheese. Preceded by a glass of riesling that surprised me by still being good almost a week after being opened. Followed by boysenberry sorbet. Eaten while listening to Jon Stewart and Al Franken being liberal AND funny. I recommend every morsel.

Now I'm watching Minou, who resembles a deranged but adorable bat, and thinking about what a great boyfriend I have (he is at Dan and Stewart's for foos night), and imagining the beginning of the nightly shuffle toward bed. Here it is now.

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