Thursday's Child (lauri8) wrote,
Thursday's Child

I just took a CD full of pictures from our vacation in to get some prints. The woman at Walgreens eyed my print order, looked up at me, and gently asked/stated, "You do know that these are 29 cents each." I assured her that I did.

"And you have..."

"219, yes."

We both laughed doubtfully at my excess, and then I went to Crazy Maria's for some tacos al pastor. I'm eating them now. I like the ones from Changos better, and the ones at Curra's best of all. These are more than good, however, even without any pineapple.

Jeff's attending the last of the film conference, meetin' and greetin', shakin' and bakin'. After that he's heading over to Dan and Stewart's to edit St. Client's football DVD together, and then he's heading over to campus to work tonight's taping of Austin City Limits. As he was leaving this morning, he stopped suddenly and asked, "Who's Fountains of Wayne?"

"Oh, they're hot right now!" I enthused. "They do that song, you know, Stacey's mom has got it going on...Stacey's mom has got it going on..." I bounced in my chair as I sang, but he looked dubious. "Power Pop," I added, faltering.

"I'll do my best," he concluded after a wry pause. "Bye darlin'"

"Bye honey!"

He's in a great mood. Beth talked him into signing up for one of the no-show spots in the Pitch Contest. His pitch was (he claims) terrible, and he didn't advance to the next round, but after the contest was over, one of the panelists approached him with a gleam in his eye. Turns out to be Yada "The Cowboy" Yada, an agent with ____ Talent. He asked for a copy of Jeff's script. HE asked JEFF. This doesn't happen often. I looked him up--he's a player. This is a big opportunity. Will we ever hear from The Cowboy again? Will he ride into the horizon, leaving a small and mournful cloud of dust to mark his passing? Or will he come tearing back into town, pistols blazing, whooping about options, points, and rights of first refusal?
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