Thursday's Child (lauri8) wrote,
Thursday's Child

See, this is why I stay away for so long at a time. I read about a CD box set in the NY Times today, scribbled down the name for further research (Benny More y Su Banda Gigante, for those who are curious, too), and looked it up about...oh...two hours ago? From the site I saw some references to Cuban music that reminded me of a musician I had the hugest crush on when I lived in NYC. So I looked him up, too. He's released an album ("Cowboy Rumba" by Ned Sublette, because I know you want to know) and his wife has had a short story nominated for a Nebula Award. I found bits and gleanings of his existence since the mid 80s scattrered all over the internet, and I had even forgotten that his wife is a writer. As far as I can tell, they still live in NYC. In the most recent picture I could find, he looked tired and sad. I think it was 2002, and not that long after the WTC collapse. Apparently, his brother has a gallery in New Mexico, and Ned has some photography from one of his trips to Cuba on display there.

None of this material was directly linked--I googled it into an entity. I've been following tracks and scents and backing out of dead ends and it's kind of spooky that I can find out SO MUCH and I'm making myself stop now, because I've already been online for, as I said, at least a couple of hours.

Anyway. Down the rabbit hole I went, and now I feel strange and somewhat bittersweet, thinking about how damn young I was. And it's after seven, and I haven't gone to the store yet.

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