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Signed, Sealed -- Can She Deliver?

I got a brochure in the mail a few weeks ago from the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Actually, I've received these brochures maybe twice before--I dimly recall signing up for information on "ways I can help" while Elizabeth was spending those several months in Houston at M.D. Anderson. For whatever reason, I looked at the brochure this time and decided to do it; walk a marathon in Anchorage, Alaska, this June 19th. (Hey! Juneteenth! Cool.) I've been thinking a lot about Elizabeth lately, and the way she died, and how it has stayed with me. Suddenly this seemed like a good way to mark the significance of her ordeal, and maybe get me past some of my more disturbing memories of her last days. I would like to think of her happy. So for the past few weeks, I've been working up my nerve to do this.

I went to the informational meeting tonight. I almost didn't go, but then I just . . . went. And once I was there, I wanted to sign up and run the hell away before I could think about what I had just committed to. I stayed, though, and listened, and quelled some of my fears, and my training starts on January 31. HMOG.

It's called "Team in Training," and before I went I checked the percentage of funds raised that goes directly to services and research. At a healthy 76%, I decided I could happily throw my weight (HA!) behind the cause. Basically, I'll be expected to raise a certain amount of money in exchange for training with a professional coach, various other sessions on form and nutrition, and a trip to Anchorage. Where I will then walk 26.2 miles.

I'm actually excited about this. I feel good.

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