Thursday's Child (lauri8) wrote,
Thursday's Child

Undah Pressha

I took the rest of today off, as well as Wednesday and Thursday, because I'm getting too fretful about leaving for Oakland with so many loose threads flapping from the sleeves of my life. For the first time in my storied career I have paid vacation time, so what the hell.

Minou is not getting worse, but not getting better. I think she's depressed, as well she should be with me forcing pills down her throat every night, along with (indignity of indignities) a syringe full of water to make sure the medicine doesn't ulcerate her throat. Because she has to have her meds every day, I'm going to have to board her while I'm gone, and we know how WELL cats take to strange, noisy, enclosed environments. At least she'll be there in Dr. Parker's capable hands should anything go wrong. In any case, I want to spend as much time as possible with her before we leave, and spoil her with catnip and scritchies.

Also, we have what might be a plumbing disaster on our hands. I want to set the wheels in motion on getting a plumber that I can trust to do some work for us. I'll be using the landromat for awhile, that's for sure. IT'S LIKE THOSE HEADY DAYS OF YOUTH!

What else do I have to worry about? Oh yes, need to get all my forms filled out and signed for benefits at work; got to request a copy of the title to the Saturn. On the form, they ask for the title number. IF I KNEW THAT I WOULDN'T BE ASKING FOR A NEW ONE, WOULD I. I need to clean the house since mom will be checking in on the other cats. I need to schedule another topography of my corneas before we leave. La la la.

Like my life is hard. I know it isn't. I'm just jawin'.

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