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Make your decision now . . .

. . . rely on no help from above
Living is luxury
I want it, everything that you throw out
--Crowded House

Democrats may feel discouraged right now. The press has turned its death ray to John Kerry, having virtually destroyed Howard Dean (or so they take credit for doing, whether it's been done or not), and, should they succeed in evaporating him, who then will become the "frontrunner," and how long will it take to pick him apart over vocal tics and forehead wrinkles?

The ultimate blame for the superficiality of political coverage is, of course, ours to share. The good stuff; the meaty stuff is out there, it's just not as accessible. We have to work a little harder to make decisions based upon substance. If we're not willing to do that, or to vote based upon that information once we've educated ourselves, we get the government we deserve. Start digging for knowledge, and if you're interested in attempting to descry truth, read about what you don't like to hear of as well as what flatters your perceptiveness. Be willing to be wrong; be proud of changing your mind. Do you want to feel self-righteous or do you want to try to do what's right?

Last preaching point: You want to see real change? Vote in your local elections, the unsexy ones that don't make the televised news; vote for your sheriffs and your education boards and your city managers and even (if you live in Texas) your judges (sigh). Where do you think everything starts? It doesn't trickle down from the White House. It trickles up from the people (or it would if it weren't for our Alfred E. Newman attitude). Even a critic as stern as Noam Chomsky said, when asked if he would rather live someplace else, "Of course not. This is the greatest country in the world."

Yes, this is where we join hands and sing the Who song from Whoville. Fa-hoo for-aze, da-hoo dor-aze...

How the whole ding dang primary system works, and other helpful encapsulations at the Green Papers website

from the Mission Statement of The Green Papers
The primary mission of this site is to try to explain the process through which candidates for each of these offices are nominated by their respective Political Parties (or achieve access to the ballot by petition if Independents), with our principal focus being- as it originally was back when this site first went online more than four years ago- the "big show" of an election which will determine who will be taking the oath of office as President of the United States on the steps of the U.S. Capitol shortly after noon on Thursday 20 January 2005. . . . We hope to be able to tell our site's users things about this process that the usual media may not be able to tell you or, in some cases, may not even consider telling you; we want to get beyond the 30-second soundbites and media "feeding frenzy" in order for you, our site's users, to that much better discern what is REALLY important.

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