July 20th, 2003


So watching golf is boring?

I think the next two hours or so of the British Open might kill me. Where the hell did Ben Curtis come from? Ben! Look at you!

Back and forth, back and forth the lead goes...what wonderful agony.

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Ben Curtis can play the British Open every year until he's 65.

He did it! He did it!

He won a tournament on the Hooters Tour last year, so of course we should have seen this coming. You know. Winning the British Open is the next natural step.

Holy Mother of God.

And what a beautiful tournament--Tom Watson and Greg Norman briefly regaining their glory years. Thomas Bjorn, after an unfathomable choke on the 16th, kneeling to explain to his daughter Philippa that daddy didn't win after all. Tiger flaying himself in the post-tournament interview, "I'm pissed off at myself." A final round of almost unbearable tension, an incredible par on 18 by a 26-year-old rookie playing his first major. One of the announcers muttering, "Make four, son. Make four." Damned if he didn't.

The Sony PD-150

Today is Jeff's birthday. He was working a WNBA game in San Antonio last night, and I didn't figure he would be home until 1 am or later, as he had said he might stay to talk to a friend of his, and I had said, "Well, call me once you're on the road, so I won't worry." What I was really thinking was that I wanted to get his birthday present all set up before he got in, and I'd need the advance warning.

Fortunately, I decided to get the present arranged early anyway, and sure enough, right on the stroke of midnight, I heard the jeep pull up. So I got the camera in its bigass case hidden under the covers (it looked like an office building had crawled into bed), put the card on top, and waited. I could hear the scrabble scrabble of the dogs running to meet him, then he went into the office...I could hear the thunk, thunk, as his two shoes came off...finally, I called out to him, "It's your birrrrrthdayyyy..." and he said, "I'll be there in a sec," and then he came in and eyed the enormous block of something under the bedspread. "I'm scared," he said.

Anyway, he loved it. I think it was a bit overwhelming, maybe it even put some pressure on him, too. Here's your DV-Cam, now you have to make movies. But he's already talking about what he's going to do first, so I think this will turn out very well.

He certainly deserves it.