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Oh snap!

I noticed this morning that I've been fired from somebody's "friends" list! *sob*

So on and off at work today I wondered about the protocol. Do I retaliate by removing her from my friends list? Do I leave her on as a gesture of good will? I thought about creating a smartass poll asking advice. I also thought about writing out a rant on how ridiculous she's being. Fun for me; fun for you, dear reader. I even jotted down notes. But somehow, during this thinking and this jotting, it began to fade in importance, and in the middle of this update I realized, in the immortal words of Bill Murray in Meatballs, it just! doesn't! matter! It just! doesn't! matter!

And there's good news--mom's doing so much better. Oxygen has helped enormously. She's clear-headed for the first time in probably a year. She laughs. I'm so happy about this I could dance around like a happy thing.

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