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I've got that twitchy nervous feeling, particularly in my shoulders. It's not quite physical; not quite mental. I don't know how to describe it. It's an uneasiness, a separate beast of uneasiness that has crawled beneath my skin and is trying to get me to take it for a walk. I'm tired, but if I get into bed I will toss and turn. Have you ever had a strange, building tension in your leg until your leg suddenly KICKS, an almost electrical discharge of energy from your nerves? That's sort of like it. You feel it coming but it's still bizarre when it happens.

I had an interesting talk with my boss this morning. I live in a bubble world at work, totally out of the loop regarding office politics (I'm good friends with the woman across the hall, but we're in different departments). I walk down the hall and smile at whoever and go into my little office and work. So I wasn't even aware of it yet, but there has been a sea change in attitude. My boss filled me in early this morning as I stood in her doorway to chat, as I do most mornings, since we're usually the first people in. A big rift has developed down the middle of the department, with resentments on either side. I think it's cyclical -- this sort of thing almost has to happen every other year or so. Then everyone learns to step over the new fault lines and life goes on. Living in my little bubble as I do, I get to hear or witness ALL sides of the story. I like this narrative vantage point. I don't have the urge to ally myself or carry information between parties. I keep my own counsel, because that way everyone will continue to tell me their story from their point of view, and I will get to observe the picture from every fascinating angle.

To what end? I'm not sure. I like to analyze situations; I like it when pieces fall into place; I find just about every human interaction interesting (as long as I'm not involved -- heh). So far I like everyone I work with enough that it's possible to remain truly neutral. I don't want to be a part of the story, I want to read the story -- at least as far as work is concerned. I have to save my passions for the rest of life.

And so to bed. (Oh my God, how cool is that?)

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