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Poor little Miss Baby (Minou, my tiny black manx) has been feeling puny for a few days, so yesterday I subjected her to a veterinary exam. She had blood drawn, and she's not anemic, and there was no sign of the haemobartonella she's had in the past. She's got a small allergic reaction down her back, most likely due to some flea bites. Thanks to those same fleas, she has tapeworms.

So I dosed her with droncit for the tapes and Advantage for the fleas and she understandably bit me on the thumb, glared, and fled as soon as I released her.

I'm touched that she forgave me so quickly, and came to sit with me last night while I watched Bernie Mac be a goofball. (What is up with him? He was mugging and speaking in strange voices -- I love it.) This is a cat it took me years to coax onto my lap. She still hates to be picked up. She's very sociable otherwise, and would make biccies on Jeff's tummy for hours on end if he'd let her. When we watch a movie she stretches out on the back of the sofa behind us, and sometimes puts a paw out to gently pat a shoulder.
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