Thursday's Child (lauri8) wrote,
Thursday's Child


I love how this turned out.

lauri8's Friend Fusion are made of ivory and gold, the curves of your lips rewrite history. Created with quill18 's MemeGen 3.0 ! ...National Airport on the evening of May 18, 1996. She was the German Shepherd that I had waited my whole life ...editor of the music-theory journal to which I've submitted a (solicited) review. They've changed editors, and the new one has an ...hour music - a quartet or a harpist. We have to do our bonbonnieres. We have to practice dancing. We both ...I'm not running it. Also running--the pump--so I can have running water. I'm all snugged in with my laptop and a ...are the ones that take the most work, and require the most thought to puzzle out. They’re also the most likely ...a funeral on Tuesday which promises to be a raucous holy-roller affair complete with sermon and, if I know my uncle ...there. Flowers: There's time for me to take a flower arranging class. I bet there are super cheap ones all over. lie down quietly to oppression. You WENT TO JAIL! Wow. You kick so much more ass than Foxxy Brown. Which I can tell. And if they aren't willing to do that, then we might just as well pull out now ...
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