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I should be on my way to work, but I've had these things floating around on my internal list and I wanted to set them down for safekeeping before I lost them.

The idea we have about men of a certain age dumping their wives once the kids are out of the house? All wrong. It's the women. Check out It's Cold on Mars from last Thursday's NY Times.

This gender divide is the central finding of a recent survey by AARP, the advocacy group for people 50 and over. Women in this age group, for instance, welcomed a "newfound identity" and "not having to deal with another person" after divorce. Men were far less likely, the survey found, to enjoy being alone.

Mr. Klopper, Mr. Freitag and Mr. Farr, all bewildered by their wives' decisions to leave, animate the AARP study, released in May, which surveyed 1,147 men and women between the ages of 40 and 80 who had been divorced at least once. The study found that divorces in this age group were usually initiated by women. It also found that jilted spouses did not see the split coming.

The statistics and sample questions from the poll that were included in the print version aren't there, unfortunately, and they were really striking.

I like it when assumptions get knocked sideways.

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