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Follow-up on eye surgery went very well. Dr. Garth seemed pleased, even with the tiny line of iron deposits in my left epithelium. "That's a hoot!" he opined. Seems those deposits usually don't show up for about a year. My vision is very good, only slightly astigmatic, and should only improve from here. Wunderbar!

Jeff just left to work a WNBA game in San Antone, so I'll have the house to myself today. I need to work through all this junk on my desk. Also, go by State Farm and pay the homeowner's insurance. I've already made a list of what I want from the farmer's market tomorrow. I haven't been before, but Susan inspired me by taking me to the one in Oakland. I've been to the post office. I feel virtuous.

Minou is greatly improved. We're going to stop her medicine and see how she does. I'll check her gums and watch for general signs of lethargy, but hopefully she's got the evil little blood suckers beat. Haemobartonella almost killed a cat of mine once, though, so I'm not ready to breathe a sigh of relief.

I think I've been looking at the computer too much, as my eyes feel dry and my head feels sore, so I'll go away now. I love my eye drops; I put them in as often as I can.

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