Thursday's Child (lauri8) wrote,
Thursday's Child

Well, lads, it was a great run. Sorry you had Phil Garner mismanaging the bullpen (Miceli last night? I mean, whaaa? And why did we always pitch to Pujols? Did we intentionally walk anyone, ever? It's okay to do that, you know, if it means NOT LOSING), but next year, with Pettite and Miller back, you might just be good enough to win it all despite him. Damn, tonight hurts (Lance, you used to have a good eye for the strike zone. What happened?), but you're still my guys, and you have been since I was three years old. Thanks for a hell of a second half. We got as close as we've ever been, and it was a thrill. Now I want to keep winning, 'cause I like the taste. Losing doesn't taste like anything at all.

Congrats, Cards. Now that I don't have a dog in this fight, I can root for my usual--a close, competitive World Series.

P.S. Beltran, don't let Steinbrenner buy you. The Yanks don't even need you (what they need is pitching), but George wants your head on his trophy wall. Stay where you are; we'll treat you right. Just ask Biggio and Bags.

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