Thursday's Child (lauri8) wrote,
Thursday's Child

We had about 60 little ghouls show up; roughly the same as last year. One thing I noticed was that there were a lot fewer 16-year olds with weedy facial hair, wearing crappy last-minute costumes and holding out plastic grocery bags while mumbling, "Trick or treat, whatever." In fact, there were even some fairly young teens who could have totally gotten away with it but who didn't have bags AT ALL taking their little brothers and sisters around by the hand. They were doing it for the love! Awwwwww!

If you are cynically thinking that once they got home they took their little brother or sister's big plastic pumpkin and snarfed all the candy, you are WRONG. Have some faith in America, yo.

Between trips to the door to hand out loot, I watched Italian horror movies on cable and ate mac & cheese for dinner. Jeff was working a Hallowe'en do in some ritzy neighborhood, but get this--the people were rich and Texans, and they were DEMOCRATS. I almost wish I had gone, just to touch them or something and see if my hand went right through them . . .

(Actually, I've met them, and they are nifty people, but it was more funner to pretend I thought they might be apparitions. I'm overexplaining this, aren't I.)

Funniest, and by funniest I mean most tragically stupid, local political ad in these parts: some Rebuplicoid candidate for the state leg. snarling about how the Dem. candidate was one of those PARTISAN LIBERALS who bolted for ARDMORE, OKLAHOMA (like that somehow made it worse?) and wasn't in Texas to DO HIS DUTY. Unlike a certain nonpartisan Republican who used Homeland Security funds to track 'em down out of sheer selfless concern for their safety, yeah, that's the ticket.
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