Thursday's Child (lauri8) wrote,
Thursday's Child

I finally got around to watching my DVD of Master and Commander yesterday. What a great movie. What a great MOVIE movie. Every frame a thrill of some kind. As much as I enjoyed The Return of the King, it didn't deserve Best Picture over Master and Commander.

I also watched DiG!, tracing the careers of the Brian Jonestown Massacre and the Dandy Warhols. What's an indie-pop band to do in the 1990s? You don't want to sell out (no, no, anything but that) but you want to be heard; you've GOT to be heard, especially if you're as convinced of your own genius as Anton Newcombe and Courtney Taylor are. I'm so impressed by documentaries like this (Hoop Dreams is another example) that chronicle a story of several years' duration. Not just tell of an event and then skip to a coda sequence with a superimposed title that reads "Two years later, the old mill burned down" or what have you, but stick with the subject for years and years. What combination of vision and luck makes this sort of accomplishment possible? I was fascinated by the movie and I like both bands' music, but it was kind of depressing to be reminded of what assholes Newcombe and Taylor are. Like one of the Dandys says about Newcombe, "I don't want him anywhere near me. I'll still buy his records, though." One thing the movie didn't note was that the Dandys' "Bohemian Like You" has been used in everything from a Mitsubishi commercial to an episode of Six Feet Under. It would have been interesting to see Courtney "I sneeze and hits come out" Taylor's reaction to becoming a commercial cliche' minus the fame.

I've been up since 6:45 and it's almost 10 and I've done nothing but screw around. I have phone calls to make but I've got that dread and resentment thing going where I don't want to talk to anyone or make plans. And I have so much to do--groceries, laundry, cleaning, bleh. Other evil things are happening, but those I won't talk about. I was making progress out of that abyss I fell into this summer, but I've been slipping back. I can't afford to slip back further. I need a project that has nothing to do with myself to lose myself in, but first I have to get myself's shit together.

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