Thursday's Child (lauri8) wrote,
Thursday's Child

Ornette Coleman--saw him. Heard him. So fortunate. Mini--died at gangland H.E.B. Towed to San Antonio. Rental car sucked--Nissan Sentra. Drove like it had had the life beaten out of it, poor thing. When I die, please don't let me come back as a rental car. Blinky safe back home in the driveway, but in danger of floating away now. Vasily--abscess on neck. Major ook, emergency trip to vet, he'll be fine, I squirt antibiotics down his throat every 12 hours. He LOVES IT. House--flooding. Yes, even as I type. Not that bad, just a little in the back door so far. Jeff in San Antonio covering the Spurs game--me in yard with shovel. I feel like Sally Field. I have saved the farm. Very tired, very sweaty. Rain--no sign of stopping. Screw it. Work--will be there in six hours or so. Quailing at thought. But y'all--Ornette Coleman!
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