Thursday's Child (lauri8) wrote,
Thursday's Child

Frolic and detour

Some utterly frothy, weightless links to celebrate the return of LiveJournal and, after all, why not?

Manolo's Shoe Blog
Never mean-spirited, always amusing, and often useful critique of style, celebrity, and shoes shoes shoes. The Manolo's other blogs are also worth visiting, particularly Manolo's Prada Blog, which consists in no small part of adorable pictures of Miuccia Prada peeking out from behind the curtains during her showings. The Manolo, I proclaim, is the super fantastic!

Go Fug Yourself
Unremittingly snarky dissection of celebrity fashion disasters (hey, they CHOSE to go out in public looking that way--no one held a Jimmy Choo stiletto to their temple). Of the return of Joan and Melissa Rivers to fashion reporting, our fug expert says: "For a similar effect at home that would result in equally insightful commentary, simply hire a duck, wrap it in lamé, give it a shot of scotch, and let it run free in your living room."

Mighty Goods
A few weeks ago I would have recommended this shopping weblog without hesitation. Lately, though, I think she's stretching, and it's not just because I gave up consumerism for the New Year. I mean, a Roomba? An iTunes Music Store card? However, up to and through the holidays she mentioned some unique and inexpensive gift ideas that came in handy, and I am hoping for a return to form. Were it not for my ability to rise above base consumeristic greed, I would be lusting for the molecule jewelry. Serotonin or dopamine should work for me, I would think.

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