Thursday's Child (lauri8) wrote,
Thursday's Child

I don't keep up with blogging trends and information systems chic. So it wasn't until I wanted to buy some more Moleskine journals and wondered if I could find them cheaper online that I discovered this organizationally obsessed blog known as 43 Folders. The 43 Folderers spend hours and hours writing about how to get things done more efficiently using Quicksilver and spreadsheet, using the word "hack" instead of the word "trick," "hint," or "idea," and congratulating themselves on living in San Francisco, using Macs, and their taste in music.

Among the things I learned:

Live Journal isn't "cool." People who use moveable type and typepad are inherently cooler. Now, a couple of days ago when LJ was down I went and looked at Six Apart (the company that recently bought LJ) to see if they had any information on the situation, and I experimented with typepad myself. I like the layout better. Don't ask me why--I'll leave that to the hipsters to explain.

Using pen and paper is actually faster and easier than trying to write with a stylus on your Palm or type on a 3 x 1" qwerty keyboard. You hear that people? PDAs are DEAD. And I went and stopped using mine before it was cool to do so, dammit. The hipster's notebook of choice is the Moleskine, and as much as it pains me to be hip, I've used them for several years. They cost too goddamned much. Maybe that's why they're hip (although it's more likely that the lovely paper quality and perfect size have more to do with that).

"Hack" isn't just a cough or crappy paid writing anymore. Using a gluestick to put a small map on the inside cover of your notebook would not, for example, be an "idea"--it's a "hack." Hacks From Heloise should be coming to a store near you in time for the fad to be over with. God willing.

Wiki. That's all, just wiki-wiki.

You know what would happen if I started using the Hipster PDA system? I would end up with all the usual crap on my desk in addition to 500 3 x 5" index cards that aren't there now.

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