Thursday's Child (lauri8) wrote,
Thursday's Child

Reason number (insert comically large number here) the Interbunny is a beautiful thing

I'm watching the Patsys and the Colts playing in the snow, as God intended football to be played, and a commercial for GMC comes on. It's the one where cars and trucks and parts thereof are crashing from above into a field, as though a giant hand is tossing them onto the scrapheap. The music is an instrumental consisting of three chords. It's pretty, and I think, "I wonder if that's a real song, and where I could find it."

So I go to What's that Called and poke around and find out it's most likely a bit written especially for the ad, BUT--this kid, this wonderful kid in high school has recreated it and explained how and even included screen shots.

I'm posting a lot, I know, sorry to monopolize your friends page if you have me displayed, but today is a day where I just love people.
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