Thursday's Child (lauri8) wrote,
Thursday's Child

This is a post I locked for some reason on April 19th. I was just rereading it, and figured what the hell. A happy dream. I would like to have more of them.

"I had a good dream last night--I went to a sprawling old house, and there were freshwater springs and the smell of solid old wood. It started out, though, with me on my own property, and I found a spring and I was so excited to realize that I would have such beautiful clear water to sit by. . . and then I saw another, and another, and there were children playing in one. Then the place turned into a house that wasn't mine anymore, but I was glad to be there. There was a big family of grown children. There was furniture and drawers full of old notes and clothes--the mother had apparently died. There was some kind of important find, some personal treasure--I can't remember what it was or who it belonged to. We played with all sorts of little scooting toys. One became a live animal, sort of like a hamster, but rounder, and it shredded a ribbon that I dangled for it, then it fell asleep like the dormouse in Alice and Wonderland. The only less than happy moment was when we were all posing for a picture, and I had a great pose but then the woman taking the picture changed her mind and the new angle had me kind of peering around a metal pole. She told us to look into a trashcan and make faces of wonder. I don't think mine turned out very well. It was a dream of comfort and activity. Surprising, given what's been happening lately.

There had been a disturbing dream before that where I found a giant white fungusy growth in one of the sink drains and made Jeff throw it out because it made me ill to look at it."

I haven't had many dreams that I can remember lately. I should start taking Vitamin B6 before bed. . . .

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