Thursday's Child (lauri8) wrote,
Thursday's Child

I was reading a recipe in the New York Times magazine today for fried razor clams, and it made me hungry. I don't know the difference between a razor clam or any other kind of clam--I just know that it's been a long time since I've had lovely hot fresh fried clams. Not since I moved from northern climes, at the very least. So I got ambitious, and the recipe seemed simple enough, and visions of frying my own damn clams were dancing in my head. Then I got to this part:

"Rinse the clams thoroughly, then shuck and clean them. (For help, go to"

First, the name "" is perhaps the most awesome url on the entire interbunny. And to think, they just lucked into it. Second, now that I've seen what goes into cleaning razor clams (or rather, what goes out of razor clams in the process of being cleaned) I'm pretty sure it won't be happening en mi casa any time soon.

Ever seen a crystalline style? Well, have ya? (Picture No. 5)
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