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Boring mundane update:

I got two more hours of sleep than I did the night before, six instead of four, but I feel tired this morning, where I didn't on Monday. Go figure. I got through the whole PLAN yesterday except for one thing. Can you guess what it was? You'll never guess. Think you know? You're positive?


So. Getting dressed today will be a challenge.

Today's PLAN remains nebulous. I will formulate it on the way to work.

The news of the Supremes' college admissions decision yesterday was surprisingly good. In fact, I was elated. I was a student rep on the admissions committee at UT Law the year after the Hopwood decision. Oh the gaiety.

It was grim.

Oh, God, I almost forgot --

GOOD ON YOU, RICE! A well-deserved NCAA title is yours. Thanks for doing dad's alma mater proud.

You know, the story of William Marsh Rice, university founder and philanthropist, is a bizarre one. But that must wait for another day.