Thursday's Child (lauri8) wrote,
Thursday's Child

Man, Bill Belichick has earned my undying love (Flutie already had it--I mean, "Flutie Flakes?" Come on. LOVE.) for that drop kick. The (insert montage of various sportscasters saying "meaningless game") between the Dolphins and the Pats was close and entertaining--that's all I need from a football game.

We went to see Syriana yesterday. As the movie progressed I sank lower and lower in my chair. What a downer. But entertaining! So in that sense it resembled the New England/Miami game. I have to point out that my dad spent his entire career in the oil and gas department at Baker Botts, and he's one of the most scrupulous, honest men I have ever heard of, let alone known. But he suffered for that; he was punished for that--which is material for a long entry in itself. Anyway, Syriana. Good stuff--great cast. I give it three and a half wombats.

Nora just caught my eye out the window--she's picking her way through the fallen leaves alongside the neighbors house. I like to watch my cats when they don't know I'm watching.

I have a lot of work to do today. I have "work" work off, but I have to finish an answer key for a social studies workbook I just more or less created (this boggles me) for a freelance project, and it's going to take most of the day. Which means my resolution is kicking in . . .

now. Bleh. Stupid resolution.

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