Thursday's Child (lauri8) wrote,
Thursday's Child

I'm with those who think James Frey is a fraud. Furthermore, contrary to Oprah and Nan Talese, I think that what he did is unequivocally wrong--for the reasons outlined by Seth Mnookin in Slate, among others.

Here's what Frey thinks of fakers, according to his own "memoir." Just replace "gold records" with "bestsellers."

Were I in my normal frame of mind, I would stand up, point my finger, scream Fraud, and chase this Chump Motherfucker down and give him a beating. Were I in my normal frame of mind, after I gave him his beating, I would make him come back here and apologize to everyone for wasting their precious time. After the apology, I would tell him that if I ever heard of him spewing his bullshit fantasies in Public again, I would cut off his precious hair, scar his precious lips, and take all of his goddamn gold records and shove them straight up his ass.
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