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It's after one in the morning, and I'm slogging away on something for work. I had to leave early today to get a permanent crown put on a very back molar, and I asked my boss if I could take the work with me so that I could finish it up without having to drive all the way back to Waco (perhaps I exaggerate how far north our office is located) after the procedure. What I didn't count on was how fucked up and exhausted the anesthesia was going to make me, so it's been slow going.

Also, I'm distracted by Public Enemy on the television. What a great, brash, quintessentially American movie. Everyone remembers it for the grapefruit scene, but there's so much more depth to it than that. Some of the scenes still have the power to startle with their cynicism and brutality. And the unexpected, brilliant line -- "I ain't so tough . . ."

Back to the dentist for a moment: I have hypersensitivity in general with nerves (the actual physical ones). I also metabolize local anesthetic rather slowly and inefficiently, so they like to use a full block on me whenever there's some possibility of real pain. However, when I was in getting this broken molar fixed and the temporary crown put on a month or so ago, one of the seemingly dozens of enormous needles they used to inject me with nicked a major nerve and left me with lingering parasthesia in my tongue. SO. They didn't want to use a full block this time, since my nerve is still healing and my tongue is still numb. With me so far?

Because she is a kind and understanding soul, the assistant helped compensate for the lower level of anesthesia and the likelihood of pain by cranking the nitrous for me. Man, I love that stuff. After prying off the temporary crown and replacing it with the gold one, the dentist was using floss to make sure it was a good fit that would still allow me to floss. As he yanked back up with the floss I felt, rather than heard, this "ping!" as the crown popped off and flew to the back of my mouth. Instantly and in perfect unison the dentist and the assistant said, "DON'T. SWALLOW."

This struck me as extremely humorous, and I started to giggle. I was picturing them trying to fish the gold crown out of my esophagus with a straightened-out wire hanger, as though they had lost a wedding band down the sink drain.

Fortunately, I managed to laugh without swallowing.

Ah well. Suppose I should get back to work. No sleep til Brooklyn, looks like.

(I have made good so far on my promise to stay conscious of B.B. Today I was thinking about how she would have enjoyed Austin. After a family vacation to San Francisco the year before she died, however, she swore that was where she would live when she grew up. Just like New York felt like my home the minute I got there, San Francisco enraptured B.B. It was love at first sight.)

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