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Happy New Year

It feels more like Thanksgiving to me. I'm grateful to have the friends I have. You're the best imaginary friends anyone could hope for. I mean that quite seriously, actually -- when I look at the names on my friends list, and I think about the people behind those names -- people I have had the great pleasure of meeting, talking to, drinking with, and best of all laughing with til I'm in pain, not to mention in danger of tossing my dinner I'm so convulsed -- I am overcome with thankfulness that we somehow stumbled into one another. You've helped me through many a difficult time -- hell, you're helping me through one now! If I can ever return the favor for any of you, please do let me.

I wish you all the best in 2008.

Excelsior, my beloveds -- excelsior!


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Jan. 1st, 2008 04:39 am (UTC)
Jan. 1st, 2008 04:29 pm (UTC)
Happy New Year! I was expressing the same thoughts last night, as Noodle and I tried to explain how we knew each other, and why she and Jeff went to Toronto, etc. These other people were totally cool with the idea of it, but clearly it was all totally foreign to them.

Jeff made jokes about the "chat room" as Jen's dad likes to call it.

Really making me sorry I missed the wedding in Oct.
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