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If you go to the New York Times archive and look up Vincent Canby's July 15, 1969 review of Easy Rider, you will find the following reader comment (written in 2005) below the article:

Harder to ride today.
My mother; Kathleen Turner, is notorious for being an evil villian. She took me to see Easy Rider, in the local theater, when I was 12 years old. I so vividly remembered this film when I started to ride my new motorcycle in 1995(I've been riding cycles since 1975).

I'm still enjoying the ride, but at the first, I had to think of the scene in this movie where the riders are killed by someone with a shotgun. I got over my terror, but Easy Rider is an honest portrayal of how your neighbors sincerely feel about your motorbike.

I think the Ford Company hates me, and recall how people unsure of their balance caused me a crash to the ground with drugs for squares.

The movie is kind of sexy and pretty gruesome.

I visited NYC in 2001 and I remember hearing the street bikes in the morning. It sounded like they were the most important thing for the paperboys to have in the morning.

- Anonymous

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