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Ambien Schmambien

I am sitting here on the sofa nodding out like a junkie because I took an Ambien last night at the rather reasonable hour of 10 to see if it would help me sleep through the hip/leg issue. It didn't kick in until 4 endless hours later. In the meantime, I tossed and thrashed and tried to find some way to lie comfortably using various pillows and sleepy, irate cats for support, but it didn't work. So I came out to sleep half-sitting up on the sofa, as I have done for the last 2 months now. But now that I want to get up and do things, now that I want to put all my responsible adult plans into action, now, NOW is when I can't keep my head supported on its own stem because I'm incapacitated by dopey Ambien.

But my leg doesn't hurt right now. Fucking yay.

OH! Yuri, I did read some Wodehouse last night for a little while, and it was so nice to go back to. I'll definitely be using it as my funk-staver for a while.
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