Thursday's Child (lauri8) wrote,
Thursday's Child

Things What Are Happening Lately

I started a juice "fast" today. It's almost midnight, so I have survived one day. Am I hungry? Oh HELL yes.

Holy step-ball-change, Jason Taylor is a fantastically good dancer. But getting that spray tan? Edyta, that was effed up.

Spurs. Done. I weep for them.

All the important men in my life are driving me to distraction right now. Literally--it's hard to concentrate on anything.

Tomorrow morning I'm getting two shots right in my hip joint--one of contrast dye and one of a steroid. I need to go to bed instantly and fall asleep within the next three minutes to get 6 hours of sleep. Not bloody likely!

Oh! The current Masterpiece Theatre presentation of Cranford is blissfully good. It's an organic work--light and dark, blood and laughter, compassion and unthinking cruelty. All there. Eileen Atkins brought me to tears.

I just need a few more hours in each day. . . .

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