Thursday's Child (lauri8) wrote,
Thursday's Child

Still here!

We've been off the grid, so to speak, and I haven't had internet access -- teddibly sorry for the lack of updates. We went to Philip Island for several days and then to Apollo Bay for several more days, and of course I have a ton of pictures. The coast of Victoria is gloriously beautiful in winter -- I can only imagine how perfect it must be in the spring and summer. I'll go into detail about where we stayed, etc., but it's getting late and I should be trying to sleep. But, but, but . . . so much to write about! So much happy!

Thanks to those who sent get well wishes via comments, email, etc. I am finally getting better, although I now seem to have (I guess . . . I've never had one before) a sinus infection. I don't feel bad physically, but I can't hear very well because my ears are all stopped up. At one point I lost my senses of taste and smell entirely for a few days, which means that despite getting to hold a wombat, I can't tell you what it smelled like, although I am assured by those who were there that a wombat does indeed have a unique and rather pungent odor.

Did you see what I did there? That's right -- I buried the lede. And I buried it good, y'all! Millie, a four-month-old wombat possessed of a calmness to rival that of the greatest zen master's, is featured prominently in tonight's set of photographs.
Tags: apollo bay, australia, dan, philip island, sick, stewart, wombat

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