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Aug. 13th, 2008

So the big hairy deal I made about the color of my . . . damn, I already said hairy, and now I want to say hair, but I don't want to delete hairy because it's so integral to "big hairy deal," which means something much more specific than "big deal," but then again, I don't want people to think I meant it as a pun, god forbid, but at the same time I'll be boiled in oil before I start referring to my hair as "tresses" or "locks" so . . . hair? Allllll in my head. What a shocker, right? I know!

No, really, every single person who has commented at all has said, "Looks like you got some sun." To which I reply, "Wha?" To which they clarify, "Nice tan." To which I say, "Erm . . . I didn't get any sun. I'm not tan." And then it's their turn to say, "Wha?" To which I clarify, "No, my hair is lighter. My skin is not darker." And honestly, most of them at that point actually try to argue with me! I swear to them, hand to God, that I have not been in the sun and that my hair is considerably lighter than it has ever been. And then their little minds are blown, as mine is. Perception, she is a funny thing.


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Aug. 13th, 2008 09:55 pm (UTC)
they argue with you? People are so weird.
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