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Olympic Exuberance

This is one of my favorite parts of the Olympic Games, every time: when all the athletes swarm onto the field during the closing ceremonies, waving and grinning and mixing and mingling and dancing and generally acting like goofy kids (which they generally are).

I find myself grinning and waving right back at them, looking no doubt like an idiot who thinks the people on the tv can see the people watching them. And I cry a little, partly because I'm always moved by the spectacle anyway and partly because it tugs so hard on that cord threaded through the seminal experiences of my childhood. My thoughts always search out my mother and my siblings, particularly my sister B.B., and I still have a hard time grappling with the concept that I will never see her again at times like these.

Ah, very cute -- two Aussies posing in front of the Olympic torch with their hands up and clasped, using forced perspective to make it look as though they are holding the flame aloft!

Congratulations, you crazy athletic kids. And thanks. You were, as always, truly awesome.
Tags: b.b., family, gratitude, memories, olympics

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