Thursday's Child (lauri8) wrote,
Thursday's Child

Damn. Aeilli's back from vacation.

If you've listened to Eklektikos on KUT the past couple of mornings, you've heard the following gems from John Aeilli:

Yesterday, talking about sunrise: "If you had seen the sun come up -- of course, it's getting easier and easier to do that now that it's coming up later and going down later. . . ."

No, John -- that's not how it works.

This morning, regarding the weather: "This summer hasn't been that bad. It's by no means the hottest we've ever had. There have been a few days in a row over 100. . . ."

Well, John, how do you define "that bad?" Because I'd say that the hottest summer in 83 years is pretty effing bad. As for those "few days" -- try 50. Fifty days so far in 2008 that the temperature has been over 100, and I am fairly certain that many of those days were consecutive.

Just . . . shut up and play the music, Aeilli.
Tags: fuck a bunch of john aelli

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