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And we're back

Apparently I can have the Lasik surgery after all. I don't quite know why--nothing about my eyes has changed--but I'm not asking too many questions.

Which is, for me, rather unusual. I've always been extremely protective about my ears, my eyes, my teeth--all of those little things I'd like to have in full working order if I ever reach a ripe old age. But the surgeon in this case is supposed to be the best in town, and I trust my optometrist completely. I might see halos around lights at night, but over time that should decrease, as with age the pupil grows smaller.

So far so good. I had my eyes dilated yesterday, not just dilated but SUPER dilated, and that hasn't been much fun. Headache, dizziness, and SUCH boredom. I have the answer to that famous hypothetical question now, the "would you rather lose your sight or lose your hearing" one. I will have to go deaf, thank you. I'm too old to learn Braille, and audiobooks just aren't the same. And movies! What would I do without movies?