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All hail Seabiscuit, the horse, the book, the movie, the savior of racing! But let's pause for just a moment and remember Ferdinand. What? You didn't run across one of the articles buried in the depths of the papers?

You remember Ferdinand. Derby winner? Horse of the Year? Beat Alysheba to win the Breeder's Cup? This week, news of Ferdinand's death has trickled quietly across the wires. Seems his offspring didn't turn out to be great runners, so he was sold to a breeder in Japan. The Japanese weren't impresssed with his offspring either, so you know, what else to do but slaughter him for pet food? And that's just what they did. Naturally American breeders are just shocked, simply disgusted that he met such a sad end. Uh huh.

If you care to scroll past all the excited headlines about Seabiscuit, you can read about Ferdinand here.

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