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And we're back.

I was tossing and turning and decided to get up. I'll pay for it later today, I suppose, but I'll be good and tired tonight when it's bedtime, so back on schedule soon enough. Yesterday I had a lengthy late-afternoon nap, which is why I'm so awake now. While I was napping I had a dream that B.B. was cutting my hair. She was fretting that she wasn't doing it right, and I was so happy to have her back for a while that I told her, "No no! I'm sure it will be fine. Keep going!" I could see her face, scrunched up in a frown of concentration, and feel her hands lifting and cutting a bit of hair at a time. I was in no hurry to wake up.

My computer was growing increasingly unstable, crashing unpredictably at the most frustrating times possible, so I sent it over to Stewart's house to think about what it had done, and it has returned properly chastened and obedient. Stewart is a whiz, of course, and yet another one of those people of whom I wonder, "What have I done to deserve such generosity?" Then a migraine on Thursday and another one Saturday morning kept me from wanting to do much. I was fine on Saturday night, though, when Jeff and I went to see a "tank movie." Jamshid sent Jeff an email inviting us to "Richard and Carol's" (sounds like a couple from Bob Newhart, or a seventies sex-comedy movie) place out near Dripping Springs. They have a large old water tank on their property, and Richard sets up a projector and shows movies roughly every month or so throughout the summer.

So we went, and it was a lot of fun. Richard turns out to be a guy who works at TP&WD as their media producer, and Jeff had sent him a resume in answer to an employment ad shortly after he moved here ("Oh THAT Richard!" I said as realization slowly dawned. I had written his name and contact info on a post-it that hung stuck to Jeff's monitor for at least six months. "Was I polite?" he asked Jeff. "Yeah," was the response, "but after I sent my resume I never heard from you." "Well, send it again!") He and Carol have a lovely place--as soon as I walked through the house I thought this was exactly the kind of place Jeff wants our house to be, and as soon as I could I dragged him away from Jamshid and Walter to come look at it. Corrugated galvanized steel roof (and an outdoor shower constructed of the same off the main bedroom porch!), stained concrete floors, high ceilings, adobe wall construction, wood. Spare, but not stark. And surrounded by an acre or more of beautiful property, landscaped naturally with native plants. I got the name of their builder, in case I someday get to build my dream house.

Everyone brought their own food to grill, and of course there was way too much, and then we went and sat in lawn chairs down the hill and I watched my first (and quite probably only) Danish monster movie, Reptilicus. Delightful place; delightful company. Carol used to shoot a mean game of pool. Richard and I share an admiration of Carl Dreyer. Three dogs--Debbie, Lucky, and Bunny.

We got home around 12:30, and then talked sleepily in bed until three. Cindy called at nine--we were supposed to go to brunch, but she suggested next weekend instead, and I didn't put up an argument. We did spend about an hour on the phone, though. Her life, god damn. Her mother is no farther in her treatment at M.D. Anderson since she arrived, and meanwhile Cindy is losing her mind. We'll have margaritas next weekend.

(Just now I jumped in my chair as Jeff peered around the door of the office. "You didn't get any sleep," he said blearily. "I know," I said. "You gonna be okay?" he asked. "Oh, yes!" I said. And I will be. Now go back to bed, honey. I'm in a groove.)

I'll take a shower now, and maybe catch an hour of SportsCenter. Or read yesterday's Times. Or maybe watch the "Nip/Tuck" I taped. Make some coffee; more for the smell than the drinking. I have a lot of online catching up to do and I HEAR (Yvette, if you're reading this!) that there is great news to be had!

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